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Wrap Around Boho Pants
4.6 stars based on 22 reviews.

Wrap Around Boho Pants

4.6 stars based on 22 reviews

Colourful, comfortable and stunningly pretty Nepalese wrap around trousers.

Available in a range of lovely colours, our Nepalese wrap around trousers are the last word in festival chic. Stay subtle in greys and blacks, lighten up with a pinky greys and dove-grey combination or make a serious impact with vivid blues or exotic oranges. They're hand made with love and vary slightly compared to the picture... which means every pair is unique!

Please note that colours may vary, these trousers are unique and contain a mix of colours. The Purple will have blues and greys, the Red trousers will have orange and sometimes pink etc...

100% Cotton

Waist: Size  8 -16

Length: 40"

Product Code: LKT-8G