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    114 products

    114 products

    You've probably seen harem pants on the catwalk recently. They’re making another huge fashion splash this season, which is why celebs like Gwen Stefani and Rihanna, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Sienna Miller are being photographed out and about wearing ladies harem pants. The same goes for men - harem pants are a big favourite once again on the festival circuit, as comfortable and practical as they are fun and funky.

    Some call them genie pants, others - bizarrely - call them jeanie pants, a spelling mistake but hey, if it means you find the genie trousers you want when you search online, that's cool! Some people even call them Alibaba pants or Thai pants. For a relatively simple item of clothing, they have so many different names.

    How to wear your harem trousers

    Perfect for winter and summer, you can team our unusual and unique black harem pants with a sparkly vest top or a plain T, add a woollie for winter, or cover up with a vivid hoodie from our massive hoodie collection. You can wear your harem trousers smart or casual, throw on a pair of biker boots in cold weather or go all summery with flat sandals, a pair of colourful Converse or deck shoes. You can wear them alone, all cool and lovely, or over leggings or long johns to stay extra cosy.

    Most of our Aladdin pants range is unisex too, ideal for hippy men and women who can’t get enough of Indian and Nepalese street style.

    Boho styling is our middle name, and our fab balloon pants collection covers every eventuality, from festivals to camping trips, glamping holidays, gigs, bonfires, caravanning, outdoor and indoor parties, backpacking adventures and celebrations of every kind.

    Men and women harems in amazing fabrics

    Our harem pants have always been popular. We’ve been selling them for years. That’s why we have such a stunning collection for you, a collection that's always changing so there's always something new to enjoy.

    Explore our ranges of  gorgeous, crisp 100% cotton harem joggers. Buy them in beautiful natural silk, soft, luxurious Rayon or hard-wearing, comfy Viscose with its lovely flowing texture. Whether you like your life patterned, printed or plain, we have a pair of harems that are absolutely perfect for you. Have a look below and see what we've got in store for you right now.

    Loads of harem pants styles

    Some people love them high waisted. Some prefer a low waist, especially on long, hot, lazy summer days. We sell long harem pants and shorter ones, some with close-fitting ruched waistlines and others left wonderfully baggy.

    Harem joggers are a popular style, as are harem yoga pants. They're ideal for the gym, perfect for lounging at home, incredibly versatile. Some people even wear theirs as jim-jams.

    Some of our aladdin trousers come with lovely hand-embroidered patterns, others come in jewel-like plain colours, something for every taste. Drop crotch and normal crotch, tie waist, we even sometimes sell harem pants with integral cowboy-style chaps for a uniquely quirky, brave boho look that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

    Harem trousers through history

    Where did the style arise? Harem pants originated in Arabia and have been around for more than two thousand years. Traditional versions were exceptionally baggy and wide, loose-fitting with a low crotch sometimes more or less at ground level.

    Today’s harem trousers were popularised way back in the late 1980s by the rap star M. C. Hammer, who is now in his 50s... and that's why they were called 'Hammer pants' for so long. From there it was only a small step to gym wear, with bodybuilders wearing colourful sporty versions: some with skull designs, some with abstract patterns, you've probably seen them around.

    Today’s styles are more fashionable and practical than ever, and because they’re frequently worn by celebrities, including Justin Bieber, they’re enjoying yet another fashion revival.

    Take your pick… and create your own unique look

    Male, female or unisex. Subtle or dramatic, colourful and cool, our harem pants collection is difficult to beat. They’re one of the planet’s most versatile pieces of clothing, and they turn heads wherever you go. Whatever floats your hippie fashion boat, there’s a pair of harem bohemian trousers with your name on them.