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    63 products

    Hippie skirts with a difference. That’s what we like, and so do our customers. You’ll love our collection of unusual, funky and stylish skirts, many of which have been specially made by hand in Nepal to our design and specification...and have been ever since we started in 1967.

    Hippie Skirts – An eye catching collection

    Dress them up or down, accessorise it or leave yours to speak for itself with a plain black or white top. Whatever floats your fashion boat, you’ll love the quality, attention to detail and the little quirks that come as an integral part of hand-crafted clothing, made with love. We hope you enjoy exploring our groovy hippy skirts.

    Bohemian Skirts in beautiful jewel-like colours

    Take one plain black skirt with a flattering pencil-slim outline. Then take it a step further with some stunning applique embroidery and go completely and utterly Boho. Bohemian styling is our middle name, and we take great care over our choice of fabrics. 100% cotton features strongly, a remarkable material made from the soft, fluffy fibres found in the cotton plant’s famous protective capsule or boll, which is actually more or less pure cellulose. We also adore 100% viscose, simply because it hangs and flows so beautifully. It’s also made from the naturally occurring polymer cellulose, which is found in all plants.

    Gypsy Skirts, flowing and cool

    Our fabulous gypsy style Tilly skirts are the height of cool right now, pretty in 95% polyester and 5% spandex for a superb fit, flow and feel, durable and easy to care for as well as a seriously stylish fashion item. Inspired by 1950s vintage styling, they’re full and gathered, wonderfully feminine. Some of our customers wear theirs with chunky boots and opaque leggings, others with cute flats and bright coloured tights. Or pick a longer gypsy skirt classic to dress up or down, something slim and elegant with an elasticated waist, made with masses of fabric, some tie-dyed to perfection.

    Ethnic Skirts with amazing applique

    What is applique? It’s an ethnic fashion favourite, where pieces of toning or contrasting patterned or plain fabric are sewn onto a larger piece to create a picture or pattern. Our friends in Nepal are naturals, being experienced masters of the fine art of gilding the lily! That’s what the best festival fashion and hippy styling is all about: taking something simple and turning into something simply spectacular. If you love unique and unusual clothing, you’ll feel right at home.

    A bit about tie dye clothing…

    Our tie dye hippie skirts are amazing. But where did tie dye originate? The phrase tie-dye was coined in mid-1960s USA, where the flower power movement was born. But the ancient practice of resist-dyeing techniques is actually a lot older, originating in India, Japan and Africa as early as the sixth century. The oldest known tie-dye method is Indian. Called Bandhani, it involves tying tiny pieces of thread around sections of fabric then dipping it in dye to create intricate dot patterns. The traditional Japanese version is different again, majoring on deep, dark blue indigo and using either silk or hemp. Every time to put on a tie dye skirt, you’re tapping into an ancient tradition with which humans have adorned their clothes for centuries. Nice.