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    31 products

    Did you know the word 'dungaree' comes from the Hindi word 'dungri'? Dungaree fabric, a term used in England since the early 1600s, meant a coarse, thick fabric from India that was often dyed blue with precoius indigo dye. If that sounds a lot like denim, it is.

    We love them. So do our customers. Here's a collection of fabulous onesies, funky dungarees, jumpsuits, play suits and co-ords, perfect for every occasion and time of year, the ultimate in relaxed clothing for men and women.

    Dungarees for women and men

    Dungarees are such fun to wear. Women's dungarees can be worn smart or casual, dressed up with sleek jewellery and heels or made extra fun with bright, sparkly tops and vests. They look great with a big woolly jumper over the top and excellent under a winter coat. They look epic worn alone over bare skin if you're cheeky enough. And men's dungarees also come in all sorts of shapes and flavours, from proper sloppy-style, big and baggy, to boho-inspired harem dungarees. 

    Brilliant dungaree shorts

    Dungaree shorts are fun and practical, versatile enough to roll up and stuff in your suitcase or rucksack, perfect for so many warm weather occasions. Party the night away in a pair of cool black dungarees. Or go for the denim dungarees look, a US 1930s Waltons-style Depression-style classic that looks brilliant with chunky boots and a cool hat.

    Colourful and plain, tie dye and embroidery

    Girls dungarees and ladies dungarees come in plain shades as well as embroidered and tie dyed versions for the ultimate in contemporary hippy fashion. They make exceptional festival wear and if you're into art, you can wear them to paint or sculpt in and create a funky paint-spattered patina. Boyfriend dungarees are crazy-stylish, and baggy dungarees are the last word in comfort without compromising on style.  

    Stand out from the crowd with our patchwork dungarees

    Let a little colour into your life, be brave, be bold, stand out and have fun exploring these fabulous hippy onesies, dungarees, jumpsuits, playsuits and co-ords.