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    15 products

    Ponchos have been worn by the Andean people of South America for centuries, if not thousands of years. They were certainly worn by the Paracas, a pre-Inca tribe from Peru who lived around 500BC. The poncho was even used by the US military from the 1850s onwards, a latex coated cloth version designed to help them cope with the weather extremes on the continent’s Western Plains. Luckily ours are an awful lot nicer!

    Ponchos For Women & Men – Reveal your wild side!

    These days the poncho is thought of as typically South American, and it’s about as practical as a piece of clothing gets. So much so that it’s fast becoming a classic piece of festival wear as well as a great hippie fashion choice.

    Men’s ponchos, women’s ponchos, unisex ponchos… whatever you’re looking for, the not-so-humble poncho is enjoying a fashion revival.

    Ponchos are perfect for both winter and summer. They leave your arms free but keep your middle bits lovely and warm. And our range includes something for everyone whether it’s a super-soft, cosy, light Indian Poncho or our thicker warmer Mexican ponchos.

    Ponchos ‘r’ us – Fab styles from a UK favourite hippy fashion store

    Our ladies ponchos are lovely and colourful as well as super-soft. They look fantastic slung over your favourite pair of jeans with chunky boots or heels, just as good with a cute short skirt and flats. And our thick, hugely warm Mexican-style ponchos are a real unisex treat for anyone who wants to stay warm while remaining stylish.

    Whether you want a ladies poncho or are perfectly happy to go unisex, we have a smashing little collection for you to choose from. Some have handy kangaroo pockets at the front, and the colours and fabrics we’ve chosen will brighten up any day, any outfit, any occasion.

    100% cotton or 100% acrylic wool

    We don’t do things by halves. Our Mexican style thick ponchos are made from natural 100% cotton, and our lightweight alternatives come in a super-soft 100% acrylic wool, lovely next to your skin and surprisingly warm considering it’s so light.

    Celebrities in ponchos

    Just in case you appreciate a celebrity endorsement, all sorts of stars have been spotted wearing gorgeous ponchos, from Sandra Bullock to Kate Hudson, Lily Allen and Jessica Simpson. And there’s Clint Eastwood too, the ultimate in Spaghetti Western cool. How can you resist!

    Festival wear? Ponchos are perfect

    We always get a ‘run’ on our colourful poncho collection when the festival season kicks off. They’re ideal for camping, barbecues, summer parties, any occasion when you want to warm right up without breaking the bank… and without looking like everyone else. You’re unique, we’re unique, let’s make beautiful music together. Order now and it’ll be with you in no time, delivered direct to your doorstep.