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    14 products

    The humble hoodie has come a long way. Ours, which we've been selling for years and years, are the last word in cool. And so practical, perfect for when the weather doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. Which, let’s face it, seems to be most of the time!

    Hippy jumper or hippie hoodie – Cool as a cool thing!

    Choose from our collection of multi-coloured hoodies with lovely fleece linings, hand-painted decoration, hand-crafted patchwork and more. Whether you love earthy colours or jewel-like tones, calm subtlety or joyful clashes of colour, there’s something for you. The Baha hoodie, hooded poncho, hemp hoodie, Boho hoodie, you name it, we've stocked it. Why not check out what we have in store for you right now?

    Because they’re often hand-made, every hoody is as unique and special as you are. Walk this way for the loveliest, comfiest and most stylish hippy jumpers, hippy hoodies and poncho hoodies, all unusual designs ain unique fabrics. You won’t find most of them anywhere else, either. They’re made to our design and specification by our good friends in Nepal, with whom we’ve been working for many years. Lovely people, lovely clothes.

    Funky festival fashion – Practical, affordable, stylish hoodys

    We’re very proud of our collection of hippy jumpers and hoodies, the best in festival wear and the finest alternative designs. Take our fabulously bright and vibrant hooded jumpers, a winning combination that’s perfect for chilly weather and after-dark festival revelling.

    Our signature hand embroidery, skilful tearing, tie dye, fabric painting and applique all come into play to create a collection of hippy hoodies that’s more than just a little bit different. It’s a knockout, a proper feast for the eyes and balm for the spirit. Just what you need to make everyday life look and feel great.

    Rainbow colours, intricate designs

    Take a stack of pretty patchwork pieces. Sew them together. Paint each square by hand with a gorgeous design, or add sequins, or tear the fabric cleverly to give it a fabulous texture. Then make it into a hoodie to die for. Or simply sew rainbow-coloured, finely knitted cotton strips together to create a breathtakingly bright fitted hoodie that’s like no other. Who needs ordinary high street hoodies when you’ve got these little boho hoodie gems to choose from?

    A potted history of the hoodie

    Roll back the years to the 1970s and hooded cardigan-style jackets were huge. But the word ‘hoodie’ didn’t hit mainstream until the 1990s when contemporary styles took the world by storm. Hoodies hit the silver screen for the first time in the Sylvester Stallone movie Rocky, and the rest is history. These days you’ll see hoodies worn by people on every continent, inspired by hip-hop culture and evolving fast as fashions change. It has become a garment almost everyone owns at least one of, from aged three to a hundred and three. Long live the hoodie!

    Are you ready to rock your fashion world?

    Walk this way for rainbow coloured and subtle, chunky and light, hand-embroidered and plain, men and women’s hoodies, jumpers for men, jumpers for women and unisex jumpers. All beautifully made with love, care, dedication and attention to detail, all delivered fresh from Brighton’s best-loved online hippie clothing store.