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Hanky Bandeau Tie Dye Dress

£29.00 £25.00

Hanky Bandeau Tie Dye Dress

£29.00 £25.00

How's this for boho drama and style? our lovely hanky bandeau tie dye dress is rich in fab features. First, the contrast between the dramatic black top and the colourful, flouncy skirt. Second, the complex hanky-style hem which floats around in the most enjoyable way. Third, the slim halter-style strap that flatters your shoulders. And last but not least, the choice of colours, either a deep navy blue or a warm pinky-red. You can even wear it like a cool skirt - see the pictures, it's really easy! 


100% Rayon

One Size
Chest - 22" - 42" UK 6-14
Length(from waist line) 20" - 42"

Product Code: BA2084B

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