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Batik Skater Dress
4.6 stars based on 5 reviews.

Batik Skater Dress

4.6 stars based on 5 reviews

Our Fair Trade batik skater dress is a lovely thing, all floaty and flattering, made from the most deliciously complex patterned fabrics. Rayon hangs really well, holds its colour and is really easy to look after. But who cares about the practical stuff when it's so pretty? Sleeveless with a cool scoop neck, it's perfect for lazy summer days and can also be worn over leggings, jeans or skinny jeans for an extra-funky look. Or grab a colourful net petticoat and make like it's the 1950s...  

Fair Trade

100% Rayon
Made in Indonesia

One Size
Chest 30" - 44"
Waist 32" - 50"
Skirt Length(from waist) - 26"

Please note these are all hand made so colours and designs will vary slightly

Product Code: BA582R

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