Hippy Xmas decoration

I know what you’re thinking … Christmas blogs already?! We can’t quite believe it either. But with December lurking just around the corner, we’re sure that some of you are already getting prepared to transform your home into a festive hippy grotto! That’s where we can help. In this blog find everything you need for a unique, ethical and hippy Christmas.


The baubles on your Christmas tree really are icing on top of the cake as they say. Baubles can completely change the look of your festive centrepiece. We love the concept of homemade ‘nature baubles’ like these below:


These clear baubles can be bought for very cheap from many high-street retailers, or even online. You’ll need to ensure that you purchase ones with screw tops, or ones where the metal clasp can be opened and closed, to ensure that you can fill them. The beauty of these is that you can fill them with whatever you wish. We particularly love the idea of Christmassy elements such as pine needles, or even holly leaves for larger baubles. We suggest spending a Sunday out in the fresh air gathering materials for your creations! Every year you can switch up your bauble fillings for a unique décor year after year.

We also love the look of pine cones placed in a tree. You can buy these decorations from many high street shops; however you are also likely to discover many for free during a winter walk through the woods. If you decide to collect the pine cones yourself, ensure you give them a good wash (you don’t want your tree turning into a home for insects!). These can then be decorated however you wish – paint them, glitter them, you name it!

Making your own baubles not your thing? No worries, check out our range of hippy felt Christmas decorations that make great alternatives to traditional baubles!

Peace wreath

The peace sign is the ultimate symbolism of hippy culture. We love incorporating this symbol into our Christmas decorations as it also encompasses everything that Christmas represents – peace and love. Check out this incredible peace symbol wreath!


These are easier to construct than they look, but require sourcing wire, wire cutters and Christmas tree branches (we suggest heading to your local charity shop to find a pre-loved tree). Cut your wire to your desired length, and bend to form the shape of the peace sign. We recommend creating a circle first, then adding wires to create the design after. You can now wrap your tree branches around the wire to create a beautiful wreath. For extra hippy wow factor, add fairy lights, flowers, pine cones, or baubles. Et voilà!

 Hanging decorations

Whilst we like the idea of hanging Christmas decorations, the tacky foil stars don’t quite cut it when creating a hippy grotto. They get crumpled in the attic and end up contributing to the UK’s huge influx of extra waste during the month of December. Instead why not create your own decorations from twigs like below:


 Not only do these look super rustic, but they are free! Experiment creating different shapes such as Christmas trees, stars or snowflakes. Use a strong superglue to secure your twigs together, as well as a rope tie to allow you to hang your masterpiece!

Patchwork Stocking

Last, but by no means least, check out these beautiful patchwork stocking!


These look great hung above a fireplace and add a unique hippy twist to the conventional decoration. Whilst you can buy these, check out our blog on how to create your own patchwork here: https://www.hippyclothingco.co.uk/blogs/hippy-clothing-blog/how-do-you-make-patchwork-4-simple-steps#.Xd_K7JP7TIU

Don't forget to tag us in all your hippy grotto pictures... we'd love to share them!


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