Welcome to The Hippy Clothing Co.

The Hippy Clothing Co. The new home of Park Walk

Introducing The Hippy Clothing Co.

We've taken all the feedback you lovely people have given us here at Park Walk over the past few months & have come up with a brilliant new name that we feel more is a lot more in tune with our hippy ethos...welcome to The Hippy Clothing Co!

Along with this change we've built a brand new & hugely improved website - we'd love it if you could come take a look.

It's a lot quicker and easier to browse and buy your clothing from us now, though the one trade off is that for security reasons your old accounts weren’t transferred for to the new site so if you’d like to be able to keep track of your new orders & speed up shopping with us even more you'll need to re-register. It's now an absolute breeze to register a new account but you can checkout without registering as well if you’d prefer.

If you’ve got any questions, as ever please do get in touch...we’d love to hear from you!

All The Best,
Stuart, James, Dan & Michaela @ The Hippy Clothing Co.