What to take travelling this summer

Clothes may be light, but when you're packing for a trip away, they can be bulky.

Take the bare minimum because chances are you’ll be moving around a lot and living out of your backpack - you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy bag all day in the heat.



Preferably made from a polyester/cotton type material. This will help to suck the sweat away from your body and are easy to dry.



A Shirt

Whether this be long sleeve or short they tend to be a bit smarter and can be worn with a t-shirt if the temperature drops. Try to get one made from a breathable material such as cotton or linen as this will be perfect for hot countries where you’re bound to sweat a lot.


This sort of shirt is perfect as it is so versatile, able to be used in both a casual and a smart outfit depending on the situation. If you're travelling to the warmer climates around the word a long sleeve top is essential as it gives much needed protection from both the sun and bugs, such as mosquitos.


Vest Tops

Women may prefer to pack a few little vest tops because they’re light and they don’t take up much room at all.



Hoodie or Fleece

Even when travelling to hot locations, you still need to pack a hoodie or fleece to keep you warm - but make sure it’s light. Think about the cold on airplanes, air conditioning, evening and the early morning.




This is the most important decicion you might have to make when packing your bag becuse of how heavy trousers can get. 2 pairs that will dry quickly and are light (basic cotton is good) you want to wear a material that you can wash and dry overnight quickly.



For your second pair you may want to think about packing something heavier, especially if you’re travelling somewhere it’s a little bit colder.

Jeans are common in Western culture however simple cotton and cargo pants are good alternatives.





Light and easy to slide on, they’re quick to dry, comfy and are a good alternative to jeans.




If you’re going to visit religious buildings, there’s a strong likelihood you’re going to need to cover up and you may find you need to cover your shoulders and midriff on many occasions if you are planning to visit the Islamic world. To be respectful, make sure you have options for covering up. Have a scarf or cardigan with you to ensure you're able to cover up where necessary.


With these essential items of clothing packed with you there's no where you can't travel with confidence, and why not look stylish while you're there. To see our full selection of clothing visit Hippy Clothing Co.