The Great Bumbag Revival - Grab Yourself a Fanny Pack!

Back in 2016 Vogue magazine featured the resurgence of an old favourite from days gone by. In May 2017 the same news filtered through to The Guardian newspaper and Metro magazine. Now it's everywhere you look. Welcome back, bumbags!

Couture designers adopt the bumbag

Not so long ago you'd be about as far from fashionable as it gets wearing a bumbag - or as the Americans charmingly call it, a fanny pack. Trendy people would laugh at you. Now, freshly re-launched for the first time since the 1990s, they're suddenly back in fashion again thanks to a host of couture designers including Alexander Wang, Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney, who have re-adopted it and adapted it. The humble bumbag is a hot topic once more, and we're thrilled to bits to hear it. 

New ways to wear fanny packs - Wear yours 'ironically' ;)

There are new ways to wear bum bags, too. Some celebs are slinging theirs over their shoulders like a regular bag, others are wearing theirs old-school style at the hip. Some folks are wearing bumbags the size of Wales, presumably tapping into the enduring trend for women's handbags so enormous you could fit your entire family into one. 

Vogue makes a big deal of who's wearing theirs in what way. To be honest all this couture stuff leaves us cold. It's all a bit silly, really. Some say wear it ironically, not too seriously. Hm. How do you manage that, then? We say wear your fanny pack with pride, basically any way you like. It mighty be a newly-discovered fashion item, but it's also meant to be practical like any other bag.

Yay, we're properly trendy!

As purveyors of awesome hippy clothing and classic boho fashion, we are not always on-trend in the ordinary high street sort of way. But right now we're on the button thanks to our unusually large and totally gorgeous collection of bum bags, some embroidered to heaven and back and others relatively plain. There's something for everyone. 

From a practical standpoint a bum bag is exactly what you need if you're hell bent on having fun hands-free. The best ones have a comfy adjustable waist strap and a collection of handy pockets, ideal for stashing your valuables and other gear while you enjoy being out and about.

Check out our splendid bumbag collection

Here are links to just some of our gorgeous belt bags. They're all beautifully made, unusual and great looking, whether it's classic black leather or exotic patchwork and embroidered masterpieces in vibrant, joyful colours. 

Just six of our large, exciting bumbag collection

Our Bali patchwork fanny pack is fabulously fun and funky, made in exotic Indonesia from the most deliciously colourful fabrics with plenty of pockets.

Our hemp bumbag is cool and subtle with its creamy good looks, a lovely item for those of you who prefer your colour schemes calm and collected. 

Our very special festival bumbag comes in three colour-ways. It features three zipped pockets and the strap has a neat quick-release buckle.

Our Rasta bum bag is a classic in green, black, red and yellow, a hugely popular buy for festival-lovers, practical, and colourful and easy to wear for any occasion.

Our festival utility belt bag is something a bit different, a blend of a builder's utility belt and a fanny pack. It is generously sized, features three zip pockets and a velcro pocket, and it's made using fabric woven by the Hmong hill tribe in beautiful, remote northern Thailand.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at our entire, brilliant bags and purses collection to track down more bum bag beauties, including a gorgeous, soft black leather festival version for those of you who like subtle, classy accessories.