The age-old craze of Crystals: everything you need to know

Crystal healing is not a new craze on the market, in fact, it is theorised that this practise dates back as far as 6,000 years ago! But with it’s growing popularity, especially among the hippy community, many of you have requested a crystal crash course blog from us. So here it is… a beginner’s guide to the power of crystals.

Fact or fiction?

Before we begin, it is worth noting that many people are sceptical surrounding the supposed physical, emotional and spiritual healing nature of crystals. Whilst very little evidence has been conducted into the power of these precious minerals, a large percentage of people claim to feel vibrations, heat or tingling from them. This is thought to be the interaction between the energy of the crystal and our ‘chakra’, the body’s energy field. Believers of these powers often suggest buying a crystal and carrying it with you daily for a month, without previously researching its alleged benefits. Let it ‘charge’ in the sun for a small amount of time per day, and at the end of the month reflect on everything that has happened, the changes in your life and the emotions you have commonly experienced. When you look up the healing properties of your chosen crystal, there should be distinct links between the month you have experienced and the powers of your mineral.

What problems are you currently facing?

Difficulty focusing

Having trouble concentrating on the tasks at hand in your life? Many crystals are used to calm mental process which may be preventing you from fulfilling your full potential. Quartz, one of the most popular and available crystals claims to enhance your clarity and focus, also allowing you to make decisions. Clear in colour, it is also wearable for all. For a very limited time, our ‘Quartz Healing Heart necklace’ is on sale for just £3! Why not give it a go and improve your mental clarity?

Feeling anxious/nervous

We are living in an increasingly anxiety-provoking world, and the amount of people who suffer with such issues are on the rise. Whilst crystals don’t claim to solve disorders, the energy’s they emit are said to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Sodalite (often referred to as ‘The Stone of Peace’) is thought to radiate a comforting energy, whilst also aiding open self-expression. To compliment this stone, kyanite claims to rid emotions such as fear, anger and frustration, all of which have links to anxiety. Unlike many other stones, kyanite does not hold onto negative energy, so does not require cleaning.

Money issues

To clarify, we are not claiming that crystals are going to help you win the lottery! However, some crystals are thought to attract wealth and opportunity. For example, Goldstone, a dazzling gold, shimmery stone, promises prosperity for the beholder. This may come in the shape of opportunities to generate wealth or acquiring goods/experiences which may typically be rich in monetary value. For a limited time only our Goldstone prosperity bracelet and necklaces are just £3 – see, it’s working already!

Feeling stressed

Feeling stressed is something that we all end up experiencing throughout our life. But what if simply carrying a stone could help us feel relaxed? Perhaps it can. Howlite, known as a guardian stone, is thought to assist the mind in eliminating stress, tension and rage. It is known to facilitate patience, which has been found to be a key contributor in feeling at ease. It typically bright white in colour, with unique monochrome marbling throughout, however also has different colour variations. Our Turquoise Howlite Bracelet is used for protection of emotions such as stress.

There are hundreds of crystals which all claim to have different properties, but we hope you feel more educated in the world of crystal healing now - let us know if you have tried to use any of the crystals mentioned in the blog!