Spring has sprung! 5 spring wardrobe essentials for hippies

The most active and exciting season of the year is here!

Blossoms are blooming and falling to reveal luscious green leaves, beautiful scents of nature fill the air, the days are getting longer - giving us more time to enjoy spring's beauty, and most importantly (and much to our delight) the temperature is warming up! 

It's time to switch up your wardrobe and make way for cool and light pieces to reflect this gorgeous time of year.

Here's our guide to your uniform for warmer days:

new in for spring

Floral prints

Celebrate and compliment the beautiful blossoms surrounding you with a floral print - we love the soft colour palette of these Patchwork Dungaree Shorts which feature a variety of different floral fabrics, making them look as diverse and colourful as a wonderful wildflower field. 

Patchwork Dungaree Shorts


Pastel colours make the perfect springtime palette. They are soft and sweet while maintaining their colourful personalities. This gorgeous Jacquard Kimono ticks all the boxes - featuring that soft 'millennial pink', neutral nude, creamy mint, light azure, and fun yellow.

Jacquard Kimono

Midi skirts

Although we love a midi or maxi in the summer months too, we feel the midi skirt is the perfect transition into skirt season! A midi never fails to make an elegant outfit, and this Tie Dye Patchwork Midi Wrap Skirt is the perfect choice for springtime, with its bright colours and patterns featuring butterflies, suns, and flowers. 

Tie Dye Patchwork Midi Wrap Skirt


Loose-fitting jumpsuits/dresses

Nothing keeps you cool (or makes your LOOK cool) like a loose fitting jumpsuit - the perfect simple, go-to outfit for a warm day. Forget thinking long and hard about matching your top and bottoms, throw on this fun and playful Pineapple Print Jump Suit and enjoy the popping detail of yellow, blue and green. 

Pineapple Print Jump Suit

Light-weight jackets

So, it's been a warm day and you're heading out for the evening... jacket or no jacket?! That's the burning question! How about we settle somewhere in between? This beautiful and lightweight Indian Jacquard Jacket will keep you warm enough if a breeze kicks in and the temperature drops, but isn't so heavy and big that you regret bringing it with you! Not to mention, it's a bit of a head-turner! 

Indian Jacquard Jacket


To see more of our gorgeous new spring ready collection, head over to the New In section!