Our Festival Look Essentials

With festival season now in full swing we find ourselves airing the old tent, checking if we still have a working torch and fetching our wellington boots out from the dark recesses of the wardrobe. But with that said we all know that what we will be wearing and the looks we will pull out of the bag (backpack) will rank high than all the boring survival stuff, so I have pulled together a few festival must have to keep you looking festival ready.

Glitter & Neon Paint

Festivals are a great place to go all out on the make up front, and no festival outfit would be complete without a heavy coverage of glitter. Whether day or night, you will shine bright and look great in every photo. Our neon paint will give you those '90s rave festival vibes and bindis are also a very popular accessory..


Neon Paint


Versatile Pieces

The worst thing about festivals is lugging your belongings to and from the site, which means packing light is essential. We stock so many items that double if not triple up for different looks. It’s not a case of finding those interchangeable pieces, with us it's a matter of which ones to choose. Our brilliant many 3 in 1 harems should be your first stop as they can be worn as regular low crotch harem, a jumpsuit and even a batwing top/dress if you are petite enough. We also think our co-ord sets are a great pick as no only do they make a sunning outfit together, they can be interchanged with anything else you like. It’s import to pick items that work with each, but as we all know the festival vibe is all about bigger and brighter - anything goes.

3 in 1 Harems/Top/Jumpsuit


Show Pieces
It’s always fun to have a few show pieces up your sleeve to pull out when the moment's right. Choosing these items can depend on the festival you’re going to. Go for very wearable/comfy if you’re at Glastonbury, as it’s a bit of a mission to return to your tent for a costume change. But these days, with small festivals springing up left right and centre, there are plenty of opportunities to change your outfit though out the day. But one thing we all agree on is comfy footwear.

Fringed Jacket


Bandeau Dress

Evening Layers

Festivals have gone international, and we now have the choice of going to festivals abroad. We stock something for everyone. Many countries are a lot warmer than ours, but even in the Mediterranean the evening can drop in temperature.  Having a plan about staying warm is always wise - you don't want to ruin your experience because you're too cold to enjoy 50% of the festival day. A poncho can be the perfect item to see you through, but if dancing is on the agenda a hoodie or jacket may work better for you.


Tie Dye Hoodie

Zip Up Hoodie



How you are going to carry around your essentials throughout the event? It can make or break your experience. On one hand you want to take everything that will get you through the day, but on the other you don’t want to carry too much. Bumbags are great for those small essentials, across body bags give you a little more room and backpacks can be a godsend if you want everything possible with you for the day... just be careful you don't get used by all your cheeky friends as a cloak room.

Red Suede Bag

Utility Bum Bag



A festival isn’t always the best place for your expensive pair of sunglasses, we think a couple of fun, stylish cheaper pairs is a much safer bet.

Cat Sunglasses

Flower Heart Sunglasses

Octagonal Ombre Sunglasses 

Fun Headwear

Not only will you friends be able to spot you, headpieces are a great no-fuss way of accessorising, and have always been part of the festival look.

Strawberry & Pineapple Hats

Lilac Garland

Love from Hippy HQ - we hope you have amazing time this festival season. Don't forget to tag us in your festival outfit picks, we love to see our clothing in its natural habitat.