Making a house a hippy home

You've unpacked your cardboard boxes and everything is in its place but it still doesn't feel quite like home? We've got you covered! It can be hard to feel completely settled into a new place, but it is vital to put your own personal stamp on a property as this will become your safe haven, and the place you will return to after work each and every day. Sometimes all a house needs are a few finishing touches to transform it into hippie heaven. 






Injecting some artwork into your home is one of the easiest ways to add a little bit of your personality to a space, as art is so subjective and everyone has different preferences. Here at Hippy Clothing co. we especially love wall hangings as they are so effective at completely transforming a room. Indian wall hangings decorated with cultural prints such as elephants or trees of life brighten up a blank wall, and they are often embellished with beautiful intricate stitch detailing and sequins. These become great focal point for your home and look great hung above a bed or a sofa!



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Lighting is something that is often overlooked but is a vital factor in making your space feel homely! Winter is now quickly looming and there is nothing more homely than spending your evenings curled up on the sofa, with the room dimly lit by the likes of fairy lights or lamps. We are currently loving our ‘Himalayan Salt Lamp’ – not only an aesthetically pleasing ornament, but this also doubles up as a lamp which produces a warm glow.



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Candles and tealights can also be used to illuminate a room, with the added benefit of a pleasant aroma. We like to display candles in delicate tealight holders or in metal lanterns with coloured painted glass panes. These coloured panes can change the colour of the candles glow and create a whole new atmosphere to a room. Another alternative to candles is incense sticks. These come in a wide range of different fragrances and are perfect for creating relaxing environments in the home for activities such as yoga and meditation. There are so many beautiful incense holders and ash catching trays for these that look great in a hippie-home too – our favourite being the ‘Round Moasic Incense Holder’. Your home can now smell just as good as it looks!



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Ornaments and small furnishings



Ornaments are often the small finishing touches that a house needs to blossom into a home. We stock all you could need to create a magical hippy space, from tree of life coasters, trinket boxes, and golden buddha ornaments. Buddha ornaments represent love, joy, wisdom and kindness…who knows it may even bring you good luck! Other furnishings such as photo frames are a perfect way to add a sense of ‘home’ to a space. Fill your frames with pictures of loved ones, pets, or anything else you may love – after all, home is where the heart is.



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Dreamcatchers are a hippy STAPLE! Typically consisting of a wooden willow hoop, decorated with a spiders web of threads, beds and feathers, these come in a range of colours and styles to suit your home interior. Whilst these are traditionally hung above the bed, they look great as wall out throughout the home. The more creative the dreamcatcher, the more we love it! So whilst we can’t promise these will keep nightmares at bay, we can promise they’ll look dreamy in your room!



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We hope you now feel equipped to turn your house into a hippy-haven of your own! Don’t be scared to experiment and have fun with interior decorating, and make sure you tag us in all your hippy homeware snaps!