How to wear a blanket scarf

It’s that time of year again, where we start rummaging in the back of our wardrobes for layers to chuck on in the chilly morning. It’s a strange time of year, where it’s too hot for thick coats but too cold for no layers at all.

So what better way to keep warm than with a blanket scarf? Cosy and warm, yet stylish and fun, these oversized, rectangular blanket scarfs are the perfect accessory for any outfit.

What’s even better, they’re so versatile! You can mix it up with different looks every day. There’s so many ways to wear a blanket scarf so you can keep your outfits looking fresh and trendy this season.  

Take a look at some of the fun ways you can style your outfit with our beautiful long blanket scarf.

The Three-Point Wrap

This is the most popular way to wear a blanket scarf and it’s super easy to do. So, if you’re in a rush or running late for work in the morning, this is the perfect go-to look.

All you have to do is fold the scarf in half to make a triangle and cross the two ends behind you’re head. Simple!

Wrap blanket scarf


The Drape

Or, you can even create a poncho look by draping it around you. Simply drape it over your shoulders and wrap it around you to create a fun and trendy look. If you’ve got an outside event coming up, this is the perfect way to keep warm and still look chic.

blanket scarf

The Cape

Or why don’t you try mixing it up by styling your scarf as a cape? By simply hanging it over your shoulders, you can create an effortless, trendy look guaranteed to turn some heads.

blanket scarf

So whether you’re preparing for your next outdoors event, a big date night or even just to stay nice and cosy inside, shop our blanket scarfs and stay fabulous this season.