How To Style Your Dresses for Different Seasons

Wind, rain or shine, hippy fashion is for all seasons. Lots of us steer away from wearing bright dresses during the winter. But why?! We should be adding colour to our wardrobes throughout the year. We need outfits we can take from one season to the next.

Hippy dresses aren’t just for summer. They’re thick enough to keep you warm in the winter (maybe with an added layer for those extra chilly days but they’re also great for that awkward period where we’re transitioning to milder, brighter days of Spring and eventually Summer.

In fact, they make for a perfect alternative hippy look all year round!

Velvet Pinafore Dungaree Dress

This is the perfect dress to take you from Winter to Summer. Made of 100% cotton, it’s extremely cosy and the pretty A-line silhouette means it sits beautifully.

For colder days, add a thick pair of tights and a long-sleeved t-shirt or jumper underneath and you’ve got yourself the perfect winter outfit. It also looks great over jeans or leggings if you’re looking to wrap up a bit warmer.

To channel those Summer hippy vibes, you can jazz it up with a pair of funky knee high socks and a plain white t-shirt and you’ve got the perfect showstopper. Or, make it the centrepiece and wear it on its own.

The great thing about this dungaree dress is that it’s so versatile – wear it casually as a gorgeous everyday dress or spruce it up with a pair of heels and pretty top and ta-da! You’ve gone from day to night in an instant.


Patchwork Pinafore Dress

This pinafore dress is perfect for transitioning into the warmer months. You’ll be as hippy as you can get with the gorgeous flower pattern. It’ll brighten up anyone’s day.

It’s made of a warm, blanket, fleece material so it’ll keep you nice and warm on those colder days and evenings. Wear it over jeans or leggings as a tunic dress. If you fancy adding some extra layers, chuck a cotton top underneath.

When it becomes too warm for thick layers yet it’s still too cold for bare legs, add a thin pair of tights and a t-shirt underneath for a gorgeous look.

When we hit the summer, let the dress speak for itself! Wear it on its own – the A-Line silhouette and deep-cut round neck make it a stunning fit on everyone. Its vibrant, colours make it perfect festival attire, especially for English festivals where its warm during the day but turns chilly at night. Simply chuck a pair of tights in your bag and you’ve got an outfit to transition you from day to night.

Asymmetrical Pixie Dress

For all those hippies who love to stand out and be different, the asymmetrical pixie dress is for you.

Far from the boring high-street dresses you’ve seen hundreds of times before, there’s nothing quite like the design of this pixie dress. Full of fabulous ocean-inspired colours which contrast beautifully, it’s a real head-turner.

Pair it with a thick pair of tights, jeans or leggings for a more layered look. Add a hat and some boots as a finishing touch and you’re left with a stunning hippy outfit.

For hot summer days, wear it with a thin pair of skin coloured tights or just on its own. No matter what your occasion, this dress is perfect for all. Wear it as an everyday casual look or style it up with some sparkly jewellery for a stunning alternative party outfit.

So remember, hippy dresses are for every season and they’re wardrobe pieces that’ll stand the test of time!