5 essential items for your summer wardrobe

The changing of the seasons brings with it an exciting opportunity. The chance to show off a whole new set of clothes! As the days get brighter and brighter so should your wardrobe, injecting some much needed colour into your own life and those around you.

You know it’s Springtime in England where you can have a months’ worth of rain in 24 hours followed by a heatwave. So having your wardrobe ready for when it properly warms up is crucial.

Here’s our list of 5 items that you’ll need to survive these summer months;


Shorts & Skirts

One of the greatest things about the summer! Knowing that part of your body can be exposed to the elements without immediately freezing over gives you so much more room for choice. Summer skirts are the perfect wear for this time of year and all lengths can work. The one thing that is crucial though is Colour! Grab yourself a colourful skirt that will show off your vibrant side and channel that summer energy inside you.

As for shorts, your poor legs will just be grateful to see the sun again after being hidden away behind jeans and trousers for so many months. Both shorts and skirts give you much more freedom to move around which is perfect for these active summer months.


A Light Jumper

This might seem like a strange one to throw in when talking about essentials for the summer but it absolutely is! Unfortunately England hasn’t quite got that Mediterranean climate where it comfortably warm at night time and so having something to keep you warm when you’re enjoying those long days and beautiful sunsets is crucial.

The jumper only needs to be light, but being able to cover exposed skin when it gets a bit chilly can make all the difference. You can shop jumpers and hoodies here by clicking on the  image.



T-shirts and Tops

A summer staple. They’re so simple and lightweight, and can be combined with any number of outfits depending on what you’re in the mood for. Whether you’re lounging about at home or out there living up the night, choose a top that will stand out from the rest.

If it’s hot enough that you’re down to just a T-shirt or top you want it to be able to carry your outfit by itself, so invest in some wavey designs!



One of the best all season pieces of clothing but dresses can really come into their own in the summer. Wear it by itself, with a long sleeve T-shirt underneath, or throw some tights on underneath, there are so many possibilities.

Having a lovely, colourful dress for summer means you are ready for anything. Whether it’s the beach or a garden party that calls your name you’re ready with an outfit that can be dressed up or down.


Bag/ Bum Bag

Some things never change from season to season and one of those is that pockets will never be big enough to hold all your stuff. Whether you’re heading down to the beach with a few friends or off to a festival for a number of days having something to hold your stuff is crucial because pockets are not to be trusted.

A small backpack or Bum Bag is all that’s needed to hold phones, wallets and maybe a splash of sunscreen which your friends will thank you for later!


The changing of seasons is an exciting time and with these items ready to be unleashed from your wardrobe you’ll be loving every ray of sunlight. To find any of the clothing above visit Hippy Clothing Co.

Forget your winter blues now, start embracing those summer reds.