Hippy Fashion for Festivals, Camping and Yoga... it's Summertime!

We've been hibernating for far too long. Spring was, in many areas of the country, a bit of a let-down. Thankfully it looks like summer has finally hit Britain and - at last - we're throwing off our woollies and digging out our summer gear.

A season of brilliant music festivals and top camping trips awaits... so how's your warm weather wardrobe looking? If everything's a bit tatty and worn, or you're bored stiff of it, we have some seriously stylish hippy clothing treats on board for you. Here are just some of them.

Festival fashion classics - A VAST collection of harem pants

Where else can you find more than forty different types of harem trousers in one place? And that's just the start - almost every type we stock comes in a multitude of colour-ways, which means we actually stock a whole lot more choices than just forty or so. 

We're famous for our harem trousers collection and this time of year is boom-time, as literally thousands of festival-goers replenish their festival wardrobes for a long, hot summer of love.

Perfect for any size or shape

It doesn't matter what size or shape you are. The beauty of harem pants is they look fabulous on everyone, and in many cases one size fits all. But there's more... many of ours are also unisex. And even if they're not, who says a bloke can't wear flowery harem pants? This is the music festival season and let's face it, anything goes. 

Pop over to our harem trousers department to explore everything from drop crotch to high crotch, embroidered, painted and patchworked or plain, bright or subtle, cotton or rayon, elasticated or tie-waist. Whatever your taste it's mouth-watering stuff, so go play. Here's a link for you. Follow this to enter harem pant heaven.   

Man in a dress - once seen, never forgotten!

My favourite ever festival outfit? We've never forgotten 'man in a dress'. Tall and handsome with massive jet black dreads, a hipster beard and pink John Lennon shades, he strode around the festival - down in the west of England - in a beautiful, lacy, pale pink wedding dress, completing his outfit with a large pair of steel cap working boots. What a hero! 

What about you? If you have a particularly memorable piece of sartorial music festival elegance to share, we'd love to hear about it - feel free to comment. If you send us a photo, we'll even feature it just for fun.

Hoodies 'r' us - Beautiful embroidered clothes

You're camping. Or at a festival. You spend all day in the sunshine. It's absolutely glorious. But once night falls you start feeling a bit chilly. And the last thing you want is for the chill to kill your fun. That's where our fabulous hoodie collection comes in handy. If we say so ourselves, at our place there's no such thing as an ordinary hoodie. We don't do ordinary... we do extraordinary

Introducing our huge collection of hoodies and hoodie shirts. More than twenty of them in all, some available in multiple colour choices, all beautifully made. Here's a link to our hoodie collection.

How about this? Take the deliciously pretty and intricate Gringo hand-embroidered hoodie, or the equally cool Nepalese hand painted patchwork hoodie, a legend in its own lifetime and beautifully made by hand so every one is unique.   

Lost in space... where's my tent gone?

Have you ever been so overcome with the festival vibe, so excited you've completely lost the navigational plot? It's easy to do at a vast festival like Glastonbury with more than 100,000 people milling around. If so you'll appreciate having a cosy hoodie to snuggle into until dawn peeps over the horizon and you can actually find our way 'home'! 

I reckon a warm hoodie has probably saved my festival-going life more than once over the years, as well as making plenty of camping trips a whole lot more comfortable. We'd love to hear about your festival adventures - feel free to share via the comments box below. 

Children's festival clothes - Get your mini-hippy kitted out!

How about kids festival clothing? With increasing numbers of parents taking their kids along to music festivals, we're delighted top introduce our special children's festival gear collection. We stock everything from funky harem pants for kids to brilliantly colourful embroidered and patchwork hoodies and grandad shirts, a cool hoodie dress for young ladies and even a fab tiger print hoodie with a cute tiger face on the hood itself.

Plus, of course, we have a range of colourful tie-dye clothes for kids, all hand-dyed in Brighton withour own fair hands. Our tie dye onesie for babies, for .example, is ridiculously cute!


How many music festivals are there to choose from?

In the olden days there were just a few music festivals: Glastonbury, of course, plus mainstream stuff like Reading and Knebworth plus a few weird ones like WOMAD. These days there are literally hundreds if not thousands of UK festivals on the scene, running from spring to the end of the autumn. Just take a look at the Festival Calendar website for a long list of goodies taking place all over the country.

There's the Blind Cat festival, a feast of Psychedelic Space Rock held in the beautiful Cabourne Pava Events site in Lincolnshire. There's the Great Yorkshire Mod and Ska Festival at Thorp Perrow arboretum in North Yorkshire's stunning Dales, a new kid on the block. Or the Wilkestock Charity Festival near Stevenage, a 'fiercely independent grass roots' charity festival that donates every penny of profit to charity - a growing trend.

Every festival has its own unique personality and vibe. But they all involve being outdoors most of the time, in the fresh air whatever the weather. And if its really glorious and hot, our female customers in particular push out the hippy fashion boat good and proper.

Luckily we stock a load of absolutely beautiful dresses, perfect for summer fun and all with that unique hippy clothing edge our customers love so much...

Dress up and wow that crowd - Our glorious hippy dresses

More than forty sumptuous boho dresses await you in our dresses collection, many hand made in Nepal by a bunch of lovely people we've been working with for decades.

There's everything from loose tie dye swing dresses to sleeveless hoodie dresses, a-line sun dresses, flowing maxi dresses and short, sweet beach dresses and mini dresses, all with our trademark gypsy-inspired decor, often hand embroidered or tie-dyed, patchworked, beaded, appliqued, torn or painted.

Here's a link to our hippy dresses department, a little piece of hippy heaven for all you festival-going ladies.

What about the blokes?

Men love looking good at festivals too, and they also like being properly equipped for camping trips. Take a look at our festival clothing and accessories collection, where you'll find a selection of grandad shirts as well as bags, hats and more. Then explore our shirts and waistcoats section. Head for our tie dye T shirts collection, all hand-dyed at home in our Brighton back garden for that unique Hippy Clothing Co look. And don't forget, most of our humungous harem pants collection is unisex, so you can fill your boots and funk your crazy stuff with the best of 'em.

Yoga frenzy...

In sunny Brighton, summer means yoga. Everyone's doing it and our floaty summer clothing, much of which is loose and light and comfy, is ideal. If you fancy filling the room with gorgeous fragrance, we also sell a comprehensive collection of incense including the world famous Nag Champa.

And last but not least, whatever you're up to this summer you can change your appearance dramatically with our Directions hair dye and natural henna, available in a multitude of exciting shades.

Summer, sorted!

So that's summer sorted. Eveything you need for a thrilling festival season, unforgettable camping and more, all yours at the click of a mouse, all at prices that'll keep you smiling. Bring it on!