A Happy Hippy New Year = A Massive Hippy Clothing Sale

Phew... that's Christmas and New Year done and dusted. We were so busy over the Christmas period we had to employ a load of extra elves to help us send out all the parcels.

We were going to pack them off back to their Arctic home, loaded down with goodies and a fat pay packet each, but our winter sale is going so well we've had to extend their contracts. Thank you, elves, for your support (!).

Anyway, enough silliness. It's 2015, our massive winter sale is underway and, at last, after an unseasonably warm autumn and early winter the weather seems to be getting a wee bit colder.

If you've been dying to get your lovely winter woollies out and give them an airing, now's the time. If your woollies are looking tired and dull and your wardrobe could do with a refresher, we have some gorgeous items on sale at discounted prices. Here are just a few of them.

Winter warmers - Cosy hippy clothing for less

Our super-warm hippy cardigan coat 

We love the way hippy fashion takes colour, slaps it on the backside and rides away with it. There's no fear here. This fabulous knitted winter coat is crafted from the most wonderful bright colours including blue, orange, pink and a lovely sludgy green.

You know when someone describes a colour scheme to you and you think, "nooooo!", then get a pleasant surprise when you actually see it? This is one of those times. The clever people who've made this coat have colour expertise at their heart and this unexpected and unusual combination is actually a joy to behold.

Add a funky, high roll collar, deep green knitted sleeves, handy pockets and cool toggle fastenings and you get something unique, fun and supremely funky. Plus there's a secret... a ridiculously warm faux fur trim at the throat and wrists to maximise the cosiness. Fab! And a winter sale snap at just £37.99.

Welcome to hand-knitted jumper heaven...

You could trolley down to the shops, buy wool, get knitting needles and teach yourself to knit. Or you could say "stuff it" and buy yourself one of the most beautiful real wool jumpers around at an amazingly low price.

Our customers adore this super striped jumper, another masterpiece of quirky colour matching. Close your eyes and imagine a stripy hand-knit woolly in rich purple, bright orange, terra cotta, dark reddish brown, black, sunshine yellow and a subtle greenish-olive shade. Yuk, right? Not so. It's a stunning if unexpected combination of colours that'll brighten up any hippy fashion lover's day. 

New Zealand wool is the star of the show and that's what this gloriously colourful jumper is made from. And it's knitted by hand... not by Christmas elves but by our talented friends in distant, exotic Nepal. How cool - or warm - is that! And it's as cheap as chips for just £52.99 in our sale.

Wear pillarbox red for the ultimate in sartorial confidence

You need confidence to wear this wonderful colour. Pillarbox red is vibrant and strong and joyous, cheerful and bold. Dare you wear it?

Trench coats are a big fashion statement this year, but let's face it they're usually as boring as it gets, an exercise in beige or navy blue. This one's very different indeed. We think this lovely hooded trench coat is the bees knees, the bunny, the badger, the best in town. And it's brilliant value for money at less than £75.

We particularly like the black lace detail, crochet and embroidery, which transforms it into much more than a mere trench coat. The colour contrast delivers plenty of high drama and, as well as being eminently practical, it's a real eye-catcher. Big, chunky buttons, a funky tie at the waist and a pretty hood to keep the chill off. Bargain!

Helping optimists think ahead to lovely warm weather

If I look out of my studio window, all I can see is rain. It is absolutely tipping down. But the days are getting lighter bit by bit, the garden is already waking up and if you're an optimist like me, you can sense spring in the air.

All of which means it's also a jolly good time to think ahead and plan your summer wardrobe while prices are still super-low. Take our pretty, feminine tiered dress, smothered in ruffles and layers with spaghetti straps and a hugely flattering outline.

Grab one now for just £14.99 in our sale and throw it on over a cosy long-sleeve top for winter warmth. Or stash it in your wardrobe ready for warmer weather. You deserve a treat-in-waiting!


Hippy basics for less - The Grandad shirt

How about this for a granddad shirt with a difference? Available in three cool colour-ways, it's a hippy clothing classic whose appeal never dies.

This little number is unisex, perfect for men and women. It's a lovely loose fit, the sleeves are wide and cool, the pattern is subtle and unique, and it feels simply scrumptious against your skin.

Why not stock up for spring and invest in one of each colour-way? They look fab with shorts, great with a neat little skirt, really good with jeans and brilliant with leggings or a pair of our legendary harem pants. Tuck it in, let it hang loose, accessorise it or wear it on its own. Perfect, and just £12.99 each in our sale.

It's party time! Love our hooded pixie dress...

Our customers adore the witchy look of this fabulous frock, with its weird and wonderful hemline and stunning deep grey and lilac patterned fabric. Better still it has a hood, making it one seriously cool piece of bohemian style clothing. Sex on a stick!

OK, it's a dress. But it's one of those items that's seriously versatile. You can wear it with bare, brown legs or thick, cosy tights. It looks great over skinny jeans and even better with colourful leggings. You can even wear it over a short, tight skirt for a particularly sexy, witchy look. And it accessorises a treat - sling on some big beads and it practically shouts hippy styling at its finest. 

Best of all, at £26.99 it's a huge bargain. And a piece like this, as unique as it gets, never really goes out of style.

Here's wishing you a splendid 2015

We'd like to wish all our readers and customers an excellent, happy, funky New Year full of pleasure, leisure and hippy fashion fun. Come back regularly to explore our site - we're always adding new items to pique your interest. 

Oh, we almost forgot... if you're ever in Brighton, head for the city's famous Lanes and you'll find our shop, jammed full of fabulous hippy-inspired stuff: clothes, jewellery, incense, home-wares and much, much more. We'll give you a warm hippy welcome.