The Making of Our HCC Bag

‘We would like to see the 10,000 sex workers in our neighbourhood empowered with the choice of leaving a profession they never chose in the first place.’ -Freeset

Founded in 2001 Freeset have come a long way, starting off with just 20 women. Initial progress was slow, as many of them had little to none education and had to be taught everything from using scissors to sewing. This meant in the beginning there were many days when only 2 bags were completed to high enough standards, but today all that has changed.

In today’s Freeset they average 1000 bags a day and have over 190 women employed, at different levels of the business. All the women are employed full-time and qualify for health insurance, and they're given onsite training for the job as well as education in eessential skills like reading and writing, English and heath care. Many of the women have a say in hiring and the day to day running of the business.

Here's what the amazing women at Freeset make for us. We love our new shopper bag and hope you do to!


Elephant drawn by Me.

We love Elephants here at Hippy HQ, not only are they beautiful creatures but they also symbolize wisdom, courage, stature and strength, which is a wonderful vibe to be surrounded by.  

Shopper bags are a great, versatile type of bag. They make a great everyday bag to carry your essentials around, an overnight bag and of course the must-have these days, a bag for life food shop bag. Whatever you use yours for, wear it with pride in the knowledge of where it comes from and the wonderful women who made it.

Don't forget to send or tag us in photos of you wearing this awesome bag or anything else you purchase. We love seeing what you buy and how you style it, and we're on all the social platforms.