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Cheap hippie clothing

Absolutely gorgeous cheap hippie clothing

Some call it Boho clothing. Some call it Beatnik style. Whatever you call it, you don’t have to be a hippy to enjoy cheap hippy clothes.

Whether or not you’ve rejected the establishment and adopted a liberal outlook on life, the universe and everything, the clothing the hippy movement personifies is as popular today as it ever was. For women it’s floaty and flirty, pretty as a picture with flowing lines, delicious fabrics and stunning colours. For men it’s stylish, individual, mellow, free-flowing and comfortable.

You might have tuned in, turned on and dropped out. You might want to buy a fab gift for someone you love. You may simply adore the hippy look. Or you could have the mother of all fancy dress parties coming up and want affordable hippy clothes to trip the light fantastic. Either way, we stock the best bargain hippy clothes online, fresh to your door from funky Brighton, one of the coolest cities in Britain.

Here are some gorgeous, head-turning hippie dresses, comfortable hippy trousers and funky hoodies to inspire you.

Wikipedia on the hippy movement

Wikipedia goes into all sorts of fascinating detail about the hippy movement, which despite its flowery, chilled vibe carried a serious message of love, peace and tolerance that’s just as valid today as it was back then. Here’s what Wikipedia says about hippy fashion:

“Hippie fashions and values had a major effect on culture, influencing popular music, television, film, literature, and the arts. Since the 1960s, many aspects of hippie culture have been assimilated by mainstream society. The religious and cultural diversity espoused by the hippies has gained widespread acceptance, and Eastern philosophy and spiritual concepts have reached a larger audience. The hippie legacy can be observed in contemporary culture in myriad forms, including health food, music festivals, contemporary sexual mores, and even the cyberspace revolution.”

Hippy fashion must be one of the very few styles that never died. All you need to do is wander the streets of Brighton and you’ll see countless variations on the hippy and boho clothing theme, a fashion statement that’s stuck around through thick and thin for the past fifty years or more. As Laura Whitley, the curator of a revolutionary exhibition oh hippie fashion at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts in the USA, says, hippies were “daring and avant-garde and liberating. They were very radical back then." And as she goes on to say, “True hippies mixed everything together."

Are you ready to mix it up? You don’t need to go 100% hippie – a taste of boho is enough to bring even the most ordinary and lacklustre outfit to life. At our cheap hippie clothes shop we stock a multitude of multi-coloured sartorial treasures to cheer up your wardrobe, add flavour to your look or make that fancy dress party go with a festival-style swing.

What’s your hippy style?

Anything goes. But what’s your favourite boho clothing style? You might want to create a clean, contemporary look with a pair of cool, colourful harem pants, white cotton shirt and cropped jacket. You may prefer a wonderfully feminine long dress or tunic-style short frock over opaque tights, teamed with this season’s flat boots. Or dress head to foot in basic black with a shockingly vibrant fleece on top to make a big, confident statement.

Our gloriously colourful and cosy hippy ponchos look amazing slung over your favourite pair of skinny jeans, perfect over a thick winter woolly. We have a great collection of hugely funky fleeces in stunning colours, plus plenty of party wear, sumptuous fitted coats and supremely pretty embroidered mini-dresses.

What some of our customers have to say

"This is a very good fleece zip up jacket. It's very snuggly and warm. Well worth getting before the really cold weather gets here / I highly reccomend this item."

"Brilliant trousers, comfy, well-made and just right for this time of year. Easy to get into - I've got arthritis in my lower limbs, so this really counts!"

"Really useful wardrobe staple, and cheaper than I've found anywhere else for the same quality. A host of colours to go with any outfit. I've got three now and have had loads of wear out of them."

"This is such a fun hat, the colours are fab and it's lovely and soft. Love the fact your neck is kept all cosy too. Mine is supposed to be a Christmas pressies from my kids but not sure I'll be able to wait till then!! Customer service brilliant as always x"

"It's a lovely design. Photo and description are perfect, fits a treat. Thank you very much for a fast friendly service, I will definately be shopping with you again. Great prices too."

What does WikiHow say about hippie clothes?

WikiHow says:

“one of the tenets of being a hippie is that natural is beautiful – and that your hippie clothes are a chance to express yourself, not enhance yourself.”


According to them, the whole point of hippie fashion was to stop buying what big corporations were selling in favour of clothing that was purchased locally. They recommend you “incorporate tie-dyed tops into your repertoire” and “nice, long-sleeved peasant blouses, stylish without being fussy.”

I’m feeling so Bohemian like you…

The original hippies wore bright colours and unusual styles inspired by the famously vibrant Parisian bohemians and the gypsies of the Czech Republic. We’ve taken a leaf out of their book, sourcing a multitude of gorgeous hippie dresses, long hippie skirts, crisp pure cotton blouses, great-looking harem pants and even plus size hippy clothes.

Most of our boho clothing also comes with an added benefit – many of our best-selling items are made in Nepal, by hand, using traditional techniques and methods, with no child labour. Our hippie clothing is crafted with love and care by people we’ve worked with for so long we consider them our good friends. If you fancy fantastic quality, bargain hippy clothes with a conscience, you’ve landed in exactly the right place.

Cheap hippy clothes online

If you’re searching for affordable hippy clothing online, The Hippy Clothing Co. is your first stop for hippy chic, bohemian style and something much more than just a little bit different. It’s fun, beautifully made, often crafted by hand and just as practical as it is good-looking. Here’s a selection of links to some of our best sellers, including plenty of lush plus size hippy clothes:

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