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Gringo Pale Rose Shrug

£10.99 £8.00

Gringo Pale Rose Shrug

£10.99 £8.00

Choose our best-selling pale rose shrug for an extra-feminine, cool and pretty look! They're one of our most popular items, versatile and stylish, casual or smart, perfect for any occasion from a job interview to a posh party and everything in between. Pick classic white, simple black or choose from a range of lusciously soft and vibrant colours like this delightful pale rose pink. They're cleverly designed to fit most women perfectly, regardless of your size or shape.

Material: 27% polyester / 73% acrylic
Sizes: Once size fits most
Features: Pale rose colour
Washing Instructions: Hand wash separately

This lovely crocheted shrug is made in a fair trade partnership with a RAFTS registered clothing supplier, with no child labour involved.

Product Code: B020-T008-PNK-55