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Neon UV Glitter Paint Stick

Neon UV Glitter Paint Stick


Glitter yourself up with these brilliant, colourful neon UV glitter paint sticks and protect your skin from the worst of the sun's rays while you're at it. They come in a range of vivid colours and are designed to help you take your festival make-up to an entirely new level, whether you want to draw dramatic patterns over your arms and legs, create faux tattoos or paint your face hippy-style. Your skin is your canvas - so go make art!   


UV Glitter Paint Sticks are 100% cruelty free and are dermatologically tested.

 Net Weight 3.5g

Product Code: A711X37

  • Candy Pink: 5 items left
  • Peach Paradise: 5 items left
  • Sherbet Lemon: 6 items left
  • Ice Blue: 1 item left
  • Mint Green: 6 items left
  • Champagne Pink: 5 items left