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Mini Elephant Ceramic Oil Burner

Mini Elephant Ceramic Oil Burner


Scatter these gorgeous little mini elephant ceramic oil burners around a room and what do you get? Instant hippy glamour! Available in five cool colours, they come with safety instructions and are perfect for holding the thinner versions of tea lights that are so popular. Sit them around the edge of the bath for a luxurious bathing experience or save them for special occasions, either way they're super-cute and perfect for dedicated elephant lovers.



Height 8cm Width 10.5cm Depth 5.5cm

Please note this oil burner only fits the thinner type of tea light.

Product Code: OB200B

  • Brown: 4 items left
  • Grey: 1 item left
  • White: 3 items left
  • Turquoise: 1 item left
  • Green: 2 items left