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Karma Scents Fragrance Reed Diffuser

£7.00 £3.58

Karma Scents Fragrance Reed Diffuser

£7.00 £3.58

If you're not that keen on smoky incense, our Karma scents fragrance reed diffuser is an excellent alternative to incense burners. The reeds cleverly suck up scented oil from the little jar, safe and cool, and deliver blasts of gorgeous fragrance into your home. Choose from six traditional boho favourites, each absolutely lovely, and scatter them around your home for a delicious ambience. 

Size: 25cm tall when used. 

80ml of Fragrance Oil

Keep Out of reach of children and pets.

Fragrance oil should not come into contact with the eyes, skin, furniture and painted surfaces as it may stain. 

Do Not Ingest.

Keep away from heat, high humidity and direct sun light.

Do not  place near open flame.

Product Code: RDIF22San