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Indian Jacquard Jacket

£36.00 £29.00

Indian Jacquard Jacket

£36.00 £29.00

Introducing a glorious Jacquard loomed jacket with two front pockets and coconut buttons. It's a casual fit, loose and comfy. But the patterns and colours are the main attraction, absolutely glorious without being at all garish. The Jacquard machine was invented in France during 1804 and has been used ever since to weave textiles with extremely complex patterns like this, materials like brocade, damask and matelassé. This particular Jacquard fabric is the bee's knees, a stunning material used to dazzling effect in this super jacket, which is just as good for parties as it is for everyday wear. 

S/M UK dress size 8-10
M/L UK dress size 12-14

Length 27" 

100% Cotton

Product Code: SS52SP

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