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Neon UV Paint Stick

£3.50 £0.50

Neon UV Paint Stick

£3.50 £0.50

Are you a creative spirit? Mayube you want to make a dramatic impact at a festival or beach party, on holiday or travelling somewhere exotic? These neon UV paint sticks are perfect, complete with useful UV protection as well as the most gloriously vivid colours you can imagine. Who needs tattoos when you can decorate your skin with these little beauties? Go make patterns, go make your life brighter! 

UV Face Paint Stick is easy to wipe off.  A little soap and water or a makeup wipe will do the trick!

  • High Pigmented Colours
  • UV Reactive
  • Creamy and Smooth Texture
  • Quick and Easy To Apply
  • Wax Based Formula
  • Dermatologically Tested

 UV Face Paint Sticks are 100% cruelty free.

Net Weight 3.5g

Product Code: Al1H01

  • yellow: 3 items left
  • green: 5 items left
  • blue: 3 items left
  • pink: 5 items left
  • orange: 5 items left
  • red: 6 items left
  • magenta: 6 items left
  • violet: 3 items left